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Faith-Based Activities

Weekly School Masses

Holy Family School students attend Mass a minimum of every-other Friday morning. Grades K-3 attend one Friday and grades 4-8 attend the opposite Friday. On special occasions (i.e. the first day of school, Holy Days), all K-8th grade students attend together. Each week, a different homeroom class is responsible for the readings and leading the congregation in hymns. These Masses always pertain to the values of our school and the character-building of our students, and parents and the Holy Family congregation are welcome to attend the Masses.

Altar Servers

HFS students in grades 4 through 8 have the opportunity to be altar servers during school Masses, as well as for their home parish.

Cherub Choir

An extra-curricular activity led by Mrs. Rose Laurito, Holy Family Church's director of Music Ministry, and open to Holy Family Students in grades Kindergarten through 2nd grade. The Cherub Choir learns hymns and songs, and share their talent with the Holy Family Church congregation once a month before the 11:00 a.m. Mass. There is no cost to be part of Cherub Choir.

Children's Choir

A free, extra-curricular activity also led by Mrs. Laurito and open to children grades 3-6. The Children's Choir sings for the Holy Family Church parishioners during Mass on a regular basis.

Missionary Childhood Association Representatives

MCA representatives are generally 8th grade students who volunteer their time and talent throughout the school year in organizing activities and drives to raise money for children all over the world. Mrs. Mary Anne Cummings, our MCA faculty advisor, coordinates with the students at monthly meetings. Through the generosity of our students and their families, Holy Family School consistently ranks in the top three schools in the Diocese of Allentown in contributions to the MCA.

Rainbows Program

Open to all grades, Rainbows is a weekly support group for our students living in single parent or stepfamilies, or those struggling with the death of a loved one. Two six-week sessions are held throughout the school year (in fall and spring), with students  meeting weekly during that time. The HFS Rainbow Coordinator is Mrs. Lauri E.Catena. This is a free, extracurricular activity.