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Holy Family School encourages and embraces our volunteers, without whom the school could not flourish or operate as well as it does now. Each family of an HFS student is required to earn a minimum of twenty (20) Volunteer Angel Points per academic year, at least three (3) of which supporting our key fundraisers: FUN RUN or Tricky Tray or as a chair, committee member or coach. Additional volunteering can qualify your family for a tuition credit!  Take a look at the Volunteer Angel Point Overview and our Home & School Volunteer Angel Point Page for additional information and opportunites.

Holy Family School provides a multitude of opportunities to achieve Volunteer Angel Points, both from home and at the school. Please refer to the Home & School Website for additional information. The rewards of volunteering at and for HFS are vast. Your child(ren) will see you as an active participant in the school and you are helping HFS to remain the vibrant, fun and faithful community it now is.  If you have questions, please contact the Angel Point Coordinator at or the Home and School Association President at



Security clearances for volunteering at Holy Family School


With the safety and security of our children at the forefront of everything we do, it is required that all volunteers undergo clearances and attend a 3-hour Protecting God's Children workshop within the Diocese of Allentown.

A Volunteer Background Check Packet is available for your convenience.

Please also review the Youth Protection section on the website of the Diocese of Allentown for more information.

Protecting God's Children workshops are held throughout the Diocese of Allentown on various dates. The schedule of those workshops is posted by the Diocese of Allentown.

For  more information on security clearances or the Protecting God's Children workshops, please contact Ms. Florinda Meli by email or by phone at 610-759-0870.