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Financial Assistance

Scholarships, Grants and Financial Aid


The application process for both the Diocesan EPSF scholarships (EITC and OSTC) and the Holy Family Scholarship Grant and Financial Aid is online through Simple Tuition Solutions.

For the 2023-2024 school year, applications should be completed by April 28, 2023 for an optimal award.

Families with a student transferring into Holy Family School from a public, charter or homeschool are eligible to be considered for a Transfer Grant.  Currently, it is $500 for the first year and $500 for the second year.  This is subject to change without prior notice.  The grant is applied at the end of the school year after all other financial obligations are fulfilled.  If interested, then download the application and turn it into the school office after your child has been accepted to the school.  The grant application has to be completed before your child has begun classes at Holy Family School.  Transfer Grant Application

For more information, contact the Advancement Director Lauri Catena by email or by phone at 610-759-5642, Ext. 133.

Pennsylvania EITC Highlights

Businesses interested in contributing towards the EITC and OSTC scholarships (receiving tax credit for eligible businesses), may learn more by contacting Mr. Rich Lang by email.