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Middle School

Middle School Classes - 6th, 7th and 8th Grades


Holy Family School's 6th, 7th and 8th Grade students, many of whom have been with our school their entire academic years thus far, have matured into intelligent, respectful, philanthropic individuals who are now preparing for the next stage of their lives - high school. While each student is assigned to a homeroom, with the average class size still maintaining a low student-teacher ratio (currently the homeroom class size averages 16 students), the students in our Middle School grades are changing classrooms for every subject, including Math (Pre-Algebra and Algebra), Science, Religion, Spelling/English, Literature, and Social Studies. The students continue to receive specialized classes at least once a week as well, in Computer Technology, Art, Music, Physical Education, Health, Library and Spanish.

The Catholic faith is not isolated to our religion classes, but plays an integral role in all of the major subjects. With literature, for example, book analysis from this perspective is integral in developing critical thinking skills with a Catholic World View; if a character behaves a certain way, students analyze the behavior as either cooperating with and adhering to the beliefs and doctrines of Christianity, or they determine it is in contrast to those doctrines.Students also examine what virtues a character might possess.

In 7th Grade, our students begin their religious education to prepare them for the Sacrament of Confirmation in 8th Grade. One of the most beautiful traditions at Holy Family Church occurs on All Saints Day in November each year. After choosing their favorite Saint (whose name will become the students' Confirmation name), and learning all they can about the life of that Saint, the students, dressed as their saint of choice, stand at the altar of Holy Family School and briefly share with the congregation their knowledge of the life of that saint. After the Mass, the 7th Grade students return to the school, entering our "Heavenly Hallway" that has been beautifully decorated by our student and parent volunteers, where children in all grades have the opportunity to meet the real-life versions of their favorite saints.

Holy Family School has an active Student Council, comprised of 6th, 7th and 8th Grade students for officer and commissioner positions and 4th through 8th Grade students as representatives of their respective homerooms. Our 7th and 8th Grade students also participate in the Academic Bowl every spring, competing against other Catholic schools in our district. 

Our Middle School teachers care about their students during the summer months as well, providing them with required reading lists that keep their minds active and engaged.

There are many opportunities in Middle School for our students to participate in service activities and charity projects. Fiesta Day is one example, a fun event completely created by the students and enjoyed by the entire school, raising money for an appointed charity. Other examples include raising money for the poor through World Mission, collecting food for our local Food Bank, and more.