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Library media classes are offered weekly for students Pre-K through 8th Grade. The classes, led by HFS Librarian Miss Jen Hudak (grades PreK-4) and Mr.Marchetta (grades 5-8), support and enhance the core curriculum, teach library skills, provide the opportunity for research and expose students to a wide variety of updated reading materials for personal reading. 

Our library media center, containing more than 6,000 titles, is equipped with multiple computers, on which every book in the library is cataloged, so parents can view from home the choices their children have prior to their weekly library class. Students also receive instruction on how to use the Dewey Decimal System. Parents and students may even access the HFS library system from their home computer.

With Miss Hudak's attention to detail and passion for literature, the HFS library has been transformed into a welcoming, warm place that allows students the chance to explore, all the while nurturing their love of reading.