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Holy Family Church

Holy Family Catholic Church

Holy Family Parish is a community empowered through the Holy Spirit to promote the Kingdom of God and to extend Christ's presence among us.  The vision will be realized with our loving acceptance of all people, through heartfelt openness, parish and family unity, and Spirit-led involvement.

The wonderful clergy and staff of Holy Family Catholic Church includes:

  • Rev. Jonas Tandayu, MSC, Pastor
  • Rev. Robert Alex Sander Anthony, MSC Parochial Vicar
  • Tom Ely, Deacon
  • Richard Haddon, Deacon
  • Michael Toolan, Deacon
  • Mrs. Trish Scherr, Business Manager 
  • Mrs. Donna Ely, Director of Religious Education 

Mrs. Donna Ely may be reached in the Religious Education Office by calling 610-759-2623.

Any of the other above individuals may be reached by calling 610-759-0870.