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7B Homework

Students are expected to write their homework in their assignment book when they arrive in class.  This page will be used for quizzes, tests, and long-term projects.


Dates listed below are tentative.  Continue to check your child's assignment book for correct due dates.


Please contact me with any questions about homework, quizzes, tests, or long-term projects.


6th English and 7th grade English/Literature

Welcome to 6th Grade English/Language Arts!  

Week of : 10/11


We will be working on writing and spelling this week in school - no grammar this week


6B: List #2 - long /a/ words- packet will be given to students on 10/12; test on 10/19

6G: List #2 - suffixes- Google assignment will be given on 10/12; test on 10/19

Click here for Spelling City

All word lists can be found on - Search for my name 'Heavilon'.   Please encourage your students to practice the words. 


we have begun our first formal informative essay - most of the writing will be completed in school 


none this week




Welcome to 7th grade Literature!

Week of: 10/11

We will continue our first novel, The False Prince.  Comprehension questions and vocabulary activities are posted in Google Classroom. I hope to finish the novel this week or early next week.  My plan is to have a final novel test on 10/22 (this is tentative). 





























Week of: 10/11

We will complete chapter 5 this week.  Test on chapters 4 and 5 is Monday, 10/18.  I will provide review materials for the test.



7th Grade will be completing a Saint Project in the early months of the school year in preparation for Heavenly Hallways (All Saints Day).  The Saint you choose is typically the Saint you will use for Confirmation. Please see the below link for chapter books.  You may read a Saint chapter book as your summer reading book if you’d like (instead of a fictional book).

Saint books can be found at Ignatius Press or

The above information will be kept on this page for next year.  Your child already completed this project for the 2019-2020 school year.


Current Requirements: 

Mrs. Ely will be emailing all parents the requirements for incoming 7th graders.






Welcome to 7th Grade English!  

Week of: 9/27


We will begin our study of verbs this week.


We are beginning argument writing this week


We will begin Ch. 2 - test on 9/30 - both groups


We will begin our Summer Reading presentations on Friday, 9/10.


All instructions for this assignment are posted in Google Classroom.