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Welcome to 5A!


Mrs.Dotty Scheirer



Weekly Newsletter


Fifth Grade Rocks!!!


 Welcome to 5A!!


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January 17, 2022




 Enjoy the extra long weekend in celebration of Martine Luther King, Jr.!  Stay warm, safe, and HEALTHY.


                        God bless,  

                        Mrs. Scheirer



Mrs. Scheirer's Classes


Week of: 

January 17-21, 2022


Psalm of the Week


Psalm 96- "Proclaim his marvelous deeds to all the nations."



Religion-  We will continue working on The Parts of the Mass in-school project this week.  The children will continue working on their individual posters.  At the end of the week, we will begin chapter 13, "God's Healing Love," if time allows.  The tentative date for the chapter 13 quiz is Friday, January 28.



Math G-   This week we will begin chapter 5, "Fractions:  Addition and Subtraction."  We will work on adding fractions with like and unlike denominators, and adding three fractions and mixed numbers.



 Math B- We will continue working on chapter 5, "Fractions: Addition and Subtraction."  The chapter 5 lessons 1-5 test on adding fraction will be given on Wednesday, January 19.  We will also begin the second part of chapter 5, which is on subtracting fractions and mixed numbers.



 Social Studies- We will continue chapter 4, "Building the First Colonies."  We will review some problems the Pilgrims faced, how European countries struggled for control, and why the French and Dutch set up colonies in America.  The children were given information on their second trimester project, Colonial Crafts.  This project is due February 21.



Reading-  We will continue working on the novel, Sounder.  The vocabulary test for chapters 1 and 2 will be given on Tuesday, January 18.  The comprehension test for chapter 2 will be given on Wednesday, January 19.  This week we will begin working on the vocabulary for chapters 3 and 4 and begin reading chapter 3.  The class did receive information about their second trimester book report, Mystery Newspaper, which is due on February 18.  There are samples posted on the Reading classroom.



 Spelling-  Mrs. Vosseller will be working with the fifth graders in spelling this year.  Please check her Google Classroom for more information.  



English- Mrs. Vosseller will be teaching fifth grade English again this year.  Please check her Google Classroom for more information.  


Science-  This week we will continue working chapter 8, "Weather."  We will discuss some causes and costs of severe weather and how weather data is collected using weather instruments.  The children will also be given information for their trimester 2 science project on weather.  They will complete two weather charts for two cities using a weather website.  This project is due March 2, 2022.



           Letter Grading Scale Equivalents


          O- Outstanding                       97-99

          VG- Very Good                       90-96

          G- Good                                  85-89

          S- Satisfactory                        75-84

          N- Needs Improvement          70-74

          U- Unsatisfactory                    below 70



**Test folders will be sent home on Friday.  All tests in test folders need to be signed and brought back by Wednesday.**


**Extra Math help is available Wednesdays after school from 2:50 to 3:30.  If your child is staying, please send in a note to me.  Thank you.** 






5A Specials 2021-2022


Monday- Art, Library

Tuesday- PE(Gym), Spanish

Wednesday- Theater, Music

Thursday- Computers

  Friday- Health





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