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1A Supply List

1st Grade Supply List 

1st Grade Supply List 2020-2021 *Updated for school plan

Bring These Items the 1st Day of School:

1 large Zip-Lock bag with items #2-12 (labeled with child's 1st/last name and Grade 1)

2.) 3 sharpened #2 Ticonderoga pencils

3. ) a small pack of tissues 

4.) 1 red pens

5.) 1 pair of Fiskar scissors

6.) 2 glue sticks –(no white liquid glue please, *the purple glue sticks are easier to use) 

7.) 1 yellow highlighters

8.) 2 pocket folders (with 2 pockets):  
          - 1 solid blue folder marked "Keep Here", child's 1st/last name and 1A
          - 1 solid green folder marked "Spanish/Health", child's 1st/last name and 1A
                 (Inside label one pocket "Spanish" and the other "Health".)

9.) 1  rectangular erasers (white or black plastic by Staedtler Mars are the best *Staples sells them.)

10. ) 1 box of crayons (maybe buy a few more while they are on sale to keep at home if they go through them quickly) *Please no larger than 24. Smaller sets are easier to manage.

11.) small unscented bottle of hand sanitizer

12.) 5 oz container of playdough1 back pack (no wheels and must fit inside a 36"h x 10"d x 7"w locker

 13.) 1 lunch box (no larger than 10"d x 7 w to fit in the locker)

14.) 1 set of headphones (not ear buds) for computer class in a baggie with name/1A

15.) 1 large t-shirt for art class (put in baggie with name/1A).  Make sure it is large enough for your child to put on over their school uniform.

Classroom donations (if possible *optional)

2 boxes of tissues

1 container of antibacterial wipes (not baby wipes)

1 roll of paper towels

Have These Items at Home:

1.  Clear contact paper - enough to cover 6 books (religion, handwriting, math book, math workbook, 2 reading practice books).
2.  1 large pack of index cards - Needed to make High Frequency (HF) word cards weekly.
3.  1 box of addition flash cards and 1 box of subtraction flash cards (or make with index cards)

4. Please have a backup supply of items 1-7; 9-12

Free Items (items provided by the school *no purchase necessary): 2 loose leaf tablets, 2 copybooks, 1 plastic "Take Home" folder

Miscellaneous:  Please have your child's name and grade on all personal items (jackets, gym clothing, book bag, lunch box, scissors, folders, etc.).  Children must bring a snack and drink each day.  Only food that does not contain or is manufactured with nuts is permitted.