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Grade 3A




Weekly Newsletter  
Have a GREAT weekend, April showers bring May flowers!!!!












 Newsletter  April 14-18

 On Wednesday at 1:30 will be attending the Living Stations of the Cross, performed by our eighth grade students. We are very excited to watch and hope you can attend as well!   On Monday we will have a reading test on Oliver K. Woodman. 

The student council is sponsoring an Easter raffle that will be opened through Wednesday. The tickets cost 50¢ each. The prizes are various Easter stuffed animals (bunnies, ducks, frogs, lambs).   Thursday will be 1/2 day, no school Friday. 

Report cards are going home today, we are a week into the 4th quarter (can you believe it?!), please return the envelope only.

There seems to have been some growth spurts lately! Please remember that girls’ dresses should fall to just about knee length. Check out the uniform closet if you are in need of a longer dress! After Easter, improper length dresses will merit a dress code slip. Thank you for your cooperation!
Have a Blessed Easter, and thank you for all you do!  Jesus and Mary LOve you, and so do I !   Mrs. K

Monday-Gym day, test on Oliver K. Woodman

Tuesday-1st day of summer uniform

Wednesday-Living Stations at 1:30 pm in the church

Thursday-1/2 day


Monday- school no Easton Transportation make up day





































Here are some website you can visit:
1. catholic website
2., a reading, writing site,
3., reading site,
4., parent tips site
Science website
8. Loyoal press  christ our life  web site for costumes for Heavenly Hallway-


Monday-computer, Gym
Tuesday- Art
Wednesday- Music 
Friday -Library and FIM

Children may use on line science book to study, your password was sent home.
The First in Math password came home900 , and they may practice at home.

Supplies List


Supply list below


** Please write a note so I am aware that a birthday treat is coming in on that day. Check the Healthy Snack List when sending in treats of any kind. ** Important!- Please try not to send in food that contains any kind of nuts. This will be the best policy to avoid problems. Thank You!
** When inviting students to birthday parties, invitations may be passed out in school ONLY- when all students or all girls or all boys in 3B are invited. Please be sensitive to children's feelings. Students should ask permission before handing out anything to class members.
Thanks, Mrs. Kocsis

The following list can be purchased outside of school:

1 Pencil/art box for the top locker

1 small fabric zipper pencil bag that fits in the desk

4 pencils ( please! No pencils with inserted lead)

1 pocket folders

1 box of crayons (8 or 16 )

2 red pens

1 container of antibacterial wipes ( large size please!) not for the individual child

1 pencil sharpener with a lid

1 backpack ( must fit in the school locker) no wheels please!!!

1 pair of Fiskar/ safety scissors

1 glue stick l

2 large boxes of tissues

1 small bottle of white school glue ( to fit in Art box in locker)

1 lunch bag

1 large eraser

4 Large Book Sock covers for textbooks

Also, all workbooks must be covered with clear CONTACT .

* Items for the Health Teacher: 1 spiral notebook (no tear out lines) & 1 pocket folder labeled with name, PE- All gym clothes labeled with last name.

< > Parents, please label all of your child's items on the first day of school.
**Spanish and Computer Classes- Teachers of these subjects request that you refer to their web site for the exact supplies need for their classes. Thank You! (folders, paper, etc. will be beyond my requests listed above).


***** All items will be on your child's desk the first day of school.

1 homework assignment book (paid for by the HOME & SCHOOL Assn.) no cost to you!!

2 (3rd primary handwriting paper tablet) 5 copybooks (all blue-lined for 3rd grade)