Cash Cards

As part of the School Tuition Policy, families enrolled in Holy Family School are required to earn a minimum of $200 rebate (profit) per school year via the Cash Card Program, which involves the sale of plastic gift cards and paper gift certificates for local and national retailers, obtained from our local merchants and Great Lakes Scrip Center. Holy Family purchases these at a discounted rate, and resells them at face value, earning a profit or "rebate" in the process.

Parents/Guardians of Holy Family students are required to sign a Holy Family Cash Card Program Participation Agreement form.

Families and friends of Holy Family parents/guardians may purchase Cash Cards as well, with the rebate credited to the Holy Family School family's account. We are pleased to provide information here on how to do so. Please note that friends and families must complete the Holy Family Cash Card Program Participation Agreement as well.

SUPER Cash Card buyers can receive tuition credits, be entered into a free tuition drawing and more.

Cash Cards are used like cash for your everyday purchases such as groceries, gasoline, dining out, clothing, prescriptions, home remodeling and much more.

Cash Card order forms make it easy for you to purchase the cards. Cards may be purchased using this form after all Masses at Holy Family Church or by submitting the completed form to the school office. Cash Cards are also available in the Holy Family Church Rectory, 23 Forest Drive, Nazareth, PA 18064.

Want to check to see how much rebate you've earned at any given time? Simply visit the ShopWithScript website.

There is even an easy way to use your mobile device to access your account and purchase Cash Cards. View the FAQs on how this works and visit MyScripWallet for more information.

Questions on the Cash Card Program? Please call Mrs. Sandy Miller at 610-759-0870 or send her an email.