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Music & Drama


Holy Family School is proud of its dedication to the Arts, which includes our Music Department. Under the very capable direction of Miss Marianne Forkin, students from Kindergarten through 8th grade receive music instruction once a week, learning about music history and music theory. Miss Forkin has a wonderful rapport with our students, which includes a "dot" count where she rewards her classes with points throughout the school year. Every group that earns a total of 20 dots wins a reward.
Miss Forkin also provides instrument lessons to our students (at an additional cost) and directs both a Beginner's Band and an Advanced Band at HFS. The bands have the opportunity to participate in concerts and festivals outside of the school setting, widening their circle of musical accomplishments and experience.
Our HFS youth are also blessed to receive musical lessons from Mrs. Rose Laurito, Holy Family Church's Music Minister. Mrs. Laurito works with our students on a regular basis, teaching them hymns that are part of the Catholic Mass. Those classes then take turns singing those hymns with the congregation when they attend a Friday morning Mass as part of their school day. Mrs. Laurito also directs both a Cherub Choir and a Children's Choir, practicing after school hours with those who voluntarily wish to participate. The choirs then sing once a month during a Sunday morning Mass at Holy Family Church,, raising their beautiful voices in praise of the Lord.


Our school is blessed to have a drama club. The Holy Family School Players involve students from first through eighth grades in a full-fledged musical. The Players present a superb and elaborate production annually to the HFS family and community. These productions are under the expert direction of Mrs. Catherine Little and her assistant, Ms. Florinda Meli. The Players are another source of pride at Holy Family School. The drama club expands and enriches their actors' many talents while bringing much joy to the audience.