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Primary & Intermediate Elementary

Primary Classrooms

Our Elementary classrooms include full-time Kindergarten through 3rd grades.  Their classrooms are located on the first floor of the school. Holy Family School is proud of its low teacher-to-student ratio for all of its classes. At the Elementary level, the current ratio averages 23 students per teacher. In addition to daily religious and academic instruction, the subjects of art, music, physical education/health, library, computer technology and Spanish language are taught by specialized teachers. Children attend Mass every other week, on Holy Days and other special days.On those days, our 7th grade students team up in a buddy system with our Kindergarten students, walking with them to Holy Family Church and sitting with them during Mass.

Our Kindergarten students blossom in their class, learning to read, write and understand basic math skills and an appreciate for art and literature. Our 1st grade students become proficient readers, writers and basic mathematicians, with an emphasis on beautiful handwriting along the way and building a strong foundation for continued academic success. Our 2nd graders prepare for the sacraments of Penance and First Holy Communion, while at the same time learning how to write in cursive and continuing to expand their education in math, science, reading, literature, social studies and more. Our 3rd graders, while developing enhanced skills in literature, geography, history, and science are also concentrating on mathematics that includes multiplication, division and beginning-level geometry. 

Our Elementary students, under the guidance of gifted teachers, build a stronger faith in God, self-confidence, a healthy independence and enhanced self-esteem.

Intermediate Elementary Classrooms

Consisting of 4th and 5th grades, our Intermediate students continue their religious and academic journey by moving up to the second floor of Holy Family School. As an introduction to the years to come, they begin to change classes for a few subjects. Fourth grade changes classrooms for science, social studies and math, with a concentration on long division, fractions, decimals, percentages, geometry and algebra. Fifth grade students change classes for science and social studies, and are grouped for math according to their ability. Our teachers are using the challenging Sadler Math. While academics become more challenging in these grades, students are also provided the opportunity for more service activities, athletics, extra-curricular activities and social events, all of which provide them opportunities for continued growth in faith, maturity, self-confidence, and academic success.