Art Appreciation

All of our students, from Pre-K 4-year-olds through 8th Grade, enjoy Art Class once a week. The classes are taught by Miss Ashlee Ferraina, a talented artist, photographer and instructor, who records photographs and descriptions of her students' latest projects on her "Classroom Blog".

Miss Ferraina does a wonderful job involving her students in a variety of ways throughout the year in new and interesting projects. In 2015, working together with 4th grade teacher Mrs. Bussman, she applied for and won the 4th Grade Crayola Grant Project, allowing her students to complete a Human Body Systems Relief Sculpture. At Christmastime, her students constructed hand-made tree ornaments, which then hung beautifully from a donated tree at the Lehigh Valley International Airport. In 2016, her 5th and 6th grade students competed in the Knights of Columbus Alcohol/Drug Awareness Poster Contest.

The creations of Miss Ferraina's students are displayed annually in the Holy Family School Art Show, held this year on April 14.

As Miss Ferraina wrote at the beginning of the 2015-16 academic year:

Students will explore their God given talents and build new art skills through the creation of dynamic artworks. Artwork will be influenced by artists of the past and present, as well as cross-curricular themes.