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Welcome to Preschool


Mrs. Jodi Fulmer


My Information:

I hope everyone had a wonderful, relaxing weekend.  

Week of Dec. 10th - Dec. 14th

Tuesday  - We will learn about the #5 today.  Bring in white play-doh.

Thursday - Christmas Party today. (for details, refer to Dec. newsletter)


God Bless!













My Information:

I hope everyone had a relaxing, wonderful weekend.  

Week of Dec. 10th - Dec. 14th

Monday - Bring in a wrapped ornament today for our ornament exchange.    *Hw -  Jj letter alphabet book (color fav. pg. using crayons and do pg. 8) & letter Box for Wed. & Jj journal homework for pics (cutting, gluing pics beg. with letter on paper provided)

Wednesday - Gym (wear sneakers and Gym uniform)     Letter Box today  *Hw - No Journal homework for pics(cutting, gluing pics beg. with letter on paper provided) 

**FULL DAY - We will visit the Library today. 

Friday - Christmas Party (for details, refer to Dec. newsletter)

**AM CLASS - We will  not visit the Library today.




God Bless!



















Monday - Reading workbook (completed in preschool)

Tuesday -  Math workbook (completed in preschool)   

Wednesday - Science today 

Thursday -  Art today 

Friday -  Letter Jj craft **Christmas Party**

 *Please also refer to the information listed under four year olds, too.*

Tuesday and Thursday also -  Jj Letter paper will be sent home on Tuesday (this is optional);and also mystery bag for Thurs.(refer to Dec. newsletter)




Have a wonderful, safe weekend!! God Bless!










For preschoolers getting dismissed from the Gym (full day class): For the safety of all children, preschool (full day class) will be dismissed at the same time as the Holy Family students.  There is a new dismissal procedure for the students at Holy Family School. Preschool will follow this new procedure also.  Please refer to hand out that was given out at the open house.

When the weather starts to become cooler, please remember to send in a "warmer" set of change of clothing and we will send home "the summer" change of clothing.

**For early dismissal days (planned) for four year old am class, dismissals will be at the Gym, not the front of the school.  We will dismiss at 11:05 am.

**For early dismissal days(emergency weather related, unplanned) for three year old class and for four year old am class, dismissals will be at the Gym.  Parents will need to get in the school parent pick up line and look for the preschool teachers and then can pull up to the Gym to get your preschooler.  Please follow the parent alert message that the school sends out regarding the dismissals on these types of days.

Delays: 1 hour: Tues./Thurs. am - 9:30-11:00       Mon./Wed./Fri. am - 9:15-11:30       Mon./Wed./Fri. pm - reg. time

                          full day class - 9:10-2:40

             2 hour: Tues./Thurs. am - 10:30-12:00     Mon./Wed./Fri. am - 10:15-12:30

                           Mon./Wed./Fri. pm - 1:00-2:45     full day class - 10:10-2:40


We would like to welcome Mrs. Isaac to our preschool classroom.  She is a sub for preschool and will be helping out regularly in the beginning of the year.















3 year olds - the number 5
4 year olds -  counting
Full day - counting





4 year olds -   letter Jj
Full day -  letter Jj
Website used: Starfall



the family



Meet The Teacher

Welcome to preschool! My name is Jodi Fulmer and I am very excited to have your preschooler in the classroom.

I have a B.S. in Elementary Ed./Early Childhood from Kutztown University.

I have been a preschool teacher here for 15 years.  I also went to Holy Family School as a child. I am happily married to my husband, Ryan.  We have 4 wonderful boys. - Kevin and Kaleb, who are twins, Derek, and Reid.

I love to read. I also love chocolate, the beach, and flip-flops.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at:

I will respond to email as quick as possible. Thank you!!


Other Preschool Teachers:

Mrs. Perez - Preschool Spanish Teacher and Assistant with Mrs. Fulmer

Miss Stofik & Mrs. Dalessio






Washable Markers

Paint Smock

Change of Clothing

Full day - towel or blanket for quiet time




Specials for 4 year olds:

Mon. - Spanish

(am, pm, & full day)

Tues. - Spanish

(full day & 5day)

Wed. - Gym

(am, pm, & full day)

         - Library

(pm & full day)

Thurs. - Art

(full day & 5day)

Fri. - Libary (am)