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Health/Physical Education

Welcome to Health/Physical Education


Miss Anna DeVivo

610-759-5642 Ext. 145


Our Goal is to inform our students about how to lead a healthy and active lifestyle now and in the future.

Major Changes On The New Report Card For Health (as of Fall 2016)

Health is still a minor subject even though it is now listed as a Sub Code under Physical Education.

Grading for health has now changed to :

  +(Plus) means Exceeds Expectations  (A numerical Grade of 90 or above, equal to a letter Grade of  Very Good or Outstanding)

  (Check) means Meets Expectations (A numerical Grade of 75 to 89, equal to a letter Grade of Satisfactory or Good).

  -(Minus) means Does Not Meet Expectations (A numerical Grade of 74 or lower, equal to a letter Grade of Needs Improvement  or Unsatisfactory).

*****A minimum health grade of a CHECK is required in order to receive Honor Roll status for 6th through 8th grades.


K-5 receive a 30 minute health class every other week.  Topics are age appropriate and include germ transmission, fire prevention, heart health, feelings and emotions, safety, poisons, alcohol and drug education, anti-smoking, and nutrition to name a few.  

6-8 receive a 40-45 minute health class each week.  Within these grades, topics include but are not limited to germ transmission, fire prevention, first aid, body systems, anti-bullying, heart health, alcohol and drug education, nutrition, male and female reproductive systems (sixth and eighth gr.), and anti-smoking to name a few. 

  • During each marking period for 6th, 7th, and 8th grades, a student's health folder and notebook are collected (advance notice given) with the following items graded:content for each including required weekly lesson notes and handouts; handed in on time; graded tests or assignments signed by parent (7th and 8th gr.); neatness and organization.


Physical Education is a PA state mandated class.

Pre-K 4:  30 minutes

K-2:  45 minutes

3-8: 60 minutes (includes 5 min. locker room time where applicable)

Health Conerns:  If a child is under doctor's care, please submit a doctor's note to the school nurse and the p.e. teacher with specific directions for how long the child is to be excused or in need of any limitations.  After a child has been excused from p.e. class with a doctor's note (ex.broken arm), they will need a doctor's note to return to p.e. class. In addition, a parent should not excuse a child from p.e. class. Rather, if there is a need for limitations (ex. no running due to coughing), then the child can participate in those activities without running.  During each p.e. class, there are numerous activities in which your child may participate.

Class Information


This assessment program is used in Grades 4-8. It measures six fitness areas:

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