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Students are required to write down their daily homework assignments in their planners. 

Listed below will be quiz, test and paper/project dates. 


Novel Study

Night pg. 29-46 vocab and worksheet 1/24/19


 Author Research Project

Research Paper Final due Friday, February 1st: Printed Copy and by 8 am on Google Classroom (You will submit your entire research packet with note cards, as well)
Research Paper Presentation due on Monday, February 4th on Google Classroom (Be prepare to present)

Extra help for presentation on Tuesday, January 22nd and Wednesday, January 23rd after school until 3:30. If you are planning to stay, do not forget your note.








Listed below will be quiz, test and paper/project dates. 














Week of January 21st: Word of the Day and Phrase of the Day

La Palabra Del Dia:  Dónde - Where

La Frase Del Dia: ¿De dónde eres? - Where are you from? 

Grades K-2nd: Shapes 

Grades 3rd: ¿Cuantos hay?  Los numeros 1-30**  (Bring two blank note cards to class)

Grade 4 to 5th:  Days of the Week, Months of the Year, Date, and Time**

Grades 6th to 8th: Adjectives**

**Students Grades 3rd to 8th should be reviewing their Spanish notecards daily.**