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Welcome to 6A


Please see the announcement page for the exciting things that are happening at HFS.


Week of 10/26 - 10/30

      My sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs. Lynda Guarino


Please do not leave any dismissal changes or health related issues on my voicemail.  Please call the office.

**Test folders will be sent home on Friday, and they need to be signed and returned by Tuesday.**

Check your child's homework planner to know when extra help is available.




Objective - The Prince and the Pauper


10/30 - Test - The Prince and the Pauper - vocabulary/comprehension/skills

























Objectives-  solve variable expressions


























































Objective - solve Let x = the number 


10/30 - Test - Let x = the number







































Objective -  solve multi-step equations, evaluate variable expressions


10/27 - Test - Multi-step equations **review the study guide**






































































Objective - add/subtract/multiply/divide integers






































































Objective - division shortcut, divide whole numbers, divide decimals and whole numbers


Quiz - 10/26 - Short Division

Quiz - 10/28 - Long Division