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Welcome to 6A

Week of 3/18 - 3/22

Psalm 27 - "The Lord is my light and salvation."

      My sixth and seventh grade students are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a very relaxing and enjoyable summer.

Mrs.Lynda Guarino


Please do not leave any dismissal changes or health related issues on my voicemail.  Please call the office.

**Test folders will be sent home on Friday, and they need to be signed and returned by Wednesday.**

Check your child's homework planner to know when extra help is available.

HFS is currently offering the RAINBOWS program that is a support group helped by trained teacher-facilitators.  It is for those children experiencing a single parent family, a step family, or the death of a loved family member.  If interested, please call Mrs. Hynes immediately through the school office for questions and/or registration.  The program runs Mondays 2:55-3:25.

Father Tobias would like the children to bring in their Sunday envelopes or loose change to class Masses on Fridays.                                                      


Objective:  how is sound produced and how does it move, what are the functions of the human ear, compare/contrast - amplitude, intensity, frequency, and pitch, lab - sound production


3/18 - Test - Unit 15













































Objective:   introduce the new novel - Esperanza Rising, vocabulary, skills, figurative language, personification, journal writing














Objective:  IOWA review, central tendency, box and whisker plots, stem and leaf plots, histograms


3/19 - Quiz - 9:1 - 9:3











































Objective:  review for the probability test, data analysis, surveys, sample/population, bias in a survey, IOWA review


3/19 - Probability Test - **Review the study guide**




































Objective: , circles - area, circumference, diameter and radius, IOWA review



Test - Circles - 3/18






























Objective:   find the percent increase and decrease, percent of profit and loss, chapter review


3/15 - Quiz - 7:4 - 7:6 - **Review the study guide**

3/22 - Test - Ch. 7      - **Review the study guide**