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Welcome to 5A!


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Fifth Grade Rocks!!!


 Welcome to 5A!! 



January 21, 2019



     Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!  Remember all this important American did for our country.  Have a fantastic week!



                                                                 God bless,  

                                                                 Mrs. Scheirer



Mrs. Scheirer's Classes


Week of: January 21-25, 2019


Psalm of the Week


Psalm 96- "Proclaim his marvelous deeds to all the nations."



Religion-  We will continue chapter 14, "Jesus Heals Us in the Sacrament of Reconciliation."  We will discuss the importance of having our sins forgiven and what absolution is.   The chapter 14 quiz will be given on Friday, January 25.



  Math - We will continue chapter 5, "Fractions: Addition and Subtraction" this week.  We will review what has been learned about addition of fractions and mixed numbers.  The chapter 5 test lessons 1-5 will be given on Wednesday, January 23.   We will then begin the second part of chapter 5, which is on subtraction of fractions and mixed numbers.  It is extremely important for the children to master their multiplication facts!  Please make sure they practice them at home.



 Social Studies-  We will complete chapter 6, "The Middle Colonies."  We will review what things attracted people to the Middle Colonies.  The chapter 6 test will be given on Friday, January 25.  The class will have a review paper from which to study.   The children did receive information about their trimester 2 social studies project, a colonial product. The project is due this January 25, 2019.



Reading-  This week we will continue working on the novel, Sounder.  We will complete the vocabulary words for chapters 7 and 8 and read chapter 7. The comprehension test for chapter 6 will be given on Tuesday, January 22. The comprehension test for chapter 7 will be given on Monday, January 28.  The vocabulary test for chapters 7 and 8 will be given on Tuesday, January 29.  The tentative date for the chapter 8 comprehension test is Tuesday, February 5.  The children did receive information about their trimester 2 book report, a mystery book newspaper.  This report is due on February 8, 2019.



 Spelling-  This week we will work on the list 18 words.  The list 18 test will be given on Friday, January 25.  From now until the end of the school year, the students will have all 25 words on their spelling tests.


The list 18 words are: duties, earlier, loveliest, denied, ferries, sunnier, terrified, abilities, dirtier, scariest, trophies, cozier, enemies, iciest, greediest, drowsier, victories, horrified, memories, strategies, unified, dictionaries, boundaries, satisfied, and tragedies.


**Each week the children will be given two sentences on their spelling tests using any words that we have worked with during the school year.**



English-   We will continue chapter 5, "Adverbs."  We will discuss the correct usage of there is and there are, and some meanings of common prefixes.  There will be an adverb quiz on Wednesday, January 24.  The tentative date for the adverb test is Monday, February 4.



Science-   We will continue chapter 14, "Changing Forms of Energy" this week.  We will discuss the difference between potential and kinetic energy, complete an activity on these two kinds of energy, and watch a video on different kinds of energy. 




The following is a list of the diocesan letter grading scale.


           Letter Grading Scale Equivalents


          O- Outstanding                       97-99

          VG- Very Good                       90-96

          G- Good                                  85-89

          S- Satisfactory                        75-84

          N- Needs Improvement          70-74

          U- Unsatisfactory                    below 70



**Test folders will be sent home on Friday.  All tests in test folders need to be signed and brought back by Wednesday.**


**Extra Math help is available Wednesdays after school from 2:50 to 3:30.  If your child is staying, please send in a note to me.  Thank you.** 


**HFS is currently offering the RAINBOWS program that is a support group helped by trained teacher-facilitators.  It is for those children experiencing a single parent family, a step family, or the death of a loved family member.  If interested, please call Mrs. Hynes immediately through the school office for questions and/or registration.  The program runs Mondays 2:55-3:25.** 


**Father Tobias would like the children to bring in their Sunday envelopes or loose change to class Masses on Fridays.**



5A Specials 2018-2019


Monday- Health (eow)

Tuesday- Computers, FIM 

Wednesday- Phys. Ed., Spanish

Thursday- Art

  Friday- Library, Music





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