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2A Supply List

Second Grade




Please do not buy any folders, copybooks, or tablet paper.  I will supply them.

The list below is needed for daily classroom use Students will need a gallon size ziploc bag with his/her name on it.  In this bag should be objects that will be brought to school and brought home each day.  It should include:

A small package of tissues

A small unscented hand sanitizer 

2-3 sharpened pencils with an eraser on tip (no mechanical pencils)

A small pack of crayons (8-12 size is fine)


These are items that should be sent into school on the first day:

A book bag (no wheels) and lunch box  

zippered pencil pouch large enough for all supplies. No art boxes.  All items should below should fit in the pouch.


6 sharpened pencils (no mechanical pencils)

2 red pens

2 glue sticks

A box of 24 crayons, or a box of colored pencils

A black dry-erase marker

A small covered sharpener

A small pair of pointed scissors

A book sock to cover our new reading textbook

Students will also need:

1 set of earphones (not earbuds) for computer class (in ziploc bag with name and 2A)

A large t-shirt for art class (in ziploc bag labeled with name and 2A)

An extra mask to keep in the classroom in a small ziploc bag with your child's name on it.

A large box of tissues 

1 container of antibacterial wipes

Clear contact paper to cover all workbooks

** Each child will need a rosary in the desk for the year.

**Please send in a quiet reading book each day.  It must be a chapter book. 

**Please print your child’s name in EVERYTHING; sweaters, coats, boots, gloves, hats, backpack, lunch box…